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5 PWA Frameworks and Libraries to use in 2021 by Abhishek CodeX

Unlike previous versions that required a lot of expertise to work, Angular 8 has two additional CLI commands to install web apps on mobile devices easily. Preact is a JavaScript-based app development framework for building user interfaces. Preact is easy to use, so it acts as a great choice for developers who are new to web development. Some of the top examples of Progressive Web Applications examples are Starbucks, Pinterest, and Twitter.

progressive web apps framework

Unlike native apps, PWAs have a better loading experience, can function offline, and are discoverable by search engines. They are why certain brands such as Alibaba, Trivago, and Twitter offer a seamless browsing experience on mobile. The productive popularity of PWA results in the timely development of new frameworks with improved features or some changes in the native ones. Based on the type of work you want to render at the user end and the expertise of your web developer, how far he can achieve them, decides your framework. As all frameworks have some good and bad experiences, but the one which works for your business is your Triumph.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

If not, you may have to find a language that is easy to learn and uses conventional programming language familiar to many. For a course that breaks down every aspect of modern progressive web app development, check out Learn PWA. This PWA framework is well-known among all the progressive web apps developers due to its exceedingly broad JavaScript library. You can exercise countless packages available to scale up any app and the project further. It is a new framework and therefore does not have a pre-established community to support or well-defined documentation.

Unfortunately, Webpack has a rather steep learning curve and not particularly reader-friendly documentation, which makes it an instrument reserved for experienced developers only. All in all, this is a helpful instrument for those who have little experience with progressive app development or simply want to test-drive this format with minimum investment and effort. The framework offers a rich PWA toolkit that includes pre-built routing, UI components, and unit tests, as well as a detailed step-by-step guide on Ionic development when it comes to PWAs. What’s more, Angular is renowned for its considerable community of developers and ongoing maintenance by Google. On the downside, the framework is tangibly more complicated than its rivals and requires high expertise to work with.

PWAs from a business point of view

It also improves the visibility of your web pages by reducing the loading time. Plus, we can use this application as a native mobile app or desktop application on our device. That’s why PWAs are becoming popular day by day; some famous brands like Twitter, Trivago, and Alibaba have already started to use such web apps. Google then put significant efforts into promoting PWA development for Android. Firefox introduced support for service workers in 2016, and Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari followed in 2018, making service workers available on all major systems.

  • You can deploy your app as a PWA as well as Native app and take advantage of both channels.
  • There are also several common design themes that are often pointed to as being unique to PWA.
  • It has an extensive open-source JavaScript which supports scaling apps.
  • What makes Ionic an ideal option for PWA development is its massive library of components for both iOS and Android.
  • On the other hand, once installed, a native app seamlessly becomes a part of the smartphone.
  • We enhance usability and craft designs that are unconventional and intuitively guides users into a splendid visual journey.
  • With Progressive Web Apps you simply don’t have to make a separate native app.

They have URLs like standard web pages, which means that Google is able to crawl and index it. Also, PWA doesn’t require presence in app stores, which means no fees. Yet, if you want to upload your PWA to AppStore or Google Play, with Vue Storefront it is pretty easy. The main benefits of implementing PWA include improved speed and performance, app-like UX and multi-platform usage. However, those are just a few examples from a broad pool of PWA advantages. By default, react apps package comes with the Ionic logo for the app icons.


We specialise in PWA implementation with guaranteed fast, effortless and engaging results. Case studies have proved that Ionic is winning web developing firms’ hearts by creating a unique experience for many businesses. The built-in browser tools and debugging tools in the Ionic leads to easy maintenance.

progressive web apps framework

Pinterest rebuilt its mobile site as a PWA and increased its engagement by 60 percent. WordPress + PWAs Integrating Progressive Technologies into the workflow of platforms such as WordPress. Pinterest built a PWA and saw a 44% increase in their overall ad revenue. The Starbucks PWA expands their reach and makes the experience of ordering faster. A frequent update of the web application with the latest version is required here.

How to test Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Simple workflows and ease of use are favorites among mobile users. Most people search for a solution on the go rather than installing an app solely for information or one-time use. You can use Next.js to improve SEO and overall experience for react-native-web, however, the integration is much less popular than the react’s, so you might face issues. However, the community is divided by different ionic versions and the libraries you use (react/angular). Meaning, it can be difficult sometimes to find a solution to your problem in the community.

progressive web apps framework

Framework selection is the crucial first step for any PWA project, and there are several determinant factors to consider to make the right choice. Along with React and Angular, Vue is one of the most popular progressive JavaScript frameworks for building PWAs. Unlike Angular and React which are in large part driven by Google and Facebook, Vue was created by a single person.

What Are The Top 5 Progressive Web App Development Frameworks For 2023?

It facilitates app developers to build web pages that can be placed inside the web browser. WebView offers web pages in the device web browser to view native applications. Angular, established by Google in 2010, is one of the oldest and popular JavaScript frameworks. It is known to be the most advanced and ‘full-packed’ from the rest of the PWA frameworks available.



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